We recognized the demand for a bespoke service dedicated to helping men and women feel more confident with the way they dress. Y.shop not only takes the hassle out of shopping for clothes and accessories but brings confidence, creativity and warmth to your wardrobe. Although we generally assist men and women from all walks of life, Y.shop also works with many high profile clients, in a discreet and professional manner.

Y.shop also operates in association with a variety of hotels and companies, both in advisory or personal styling ways.

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Y.shop Founder

Milda has worked as a stylist for almost 10 years both for private individuals and celebrities alike. During this time she and Camilla, have worked together with various clients and at a variety of Fashion events. Her experience is second to none which is why Y.shop was thrilled she chose to join the team. A red carpet event or a wardrobe revamp, Milda will use her extensive knowledge to give the client that flawless style. As a Y.shop stylist Milda makes clients feel fabulous and give them the confidence to make their new look work.

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