Corporate Services

Styling the work force

Your company has a brand identity to uphold, so why let those that represent your brand be perceived as anything but professional? A personal wardrobe consultant will advise your employees what to and what not to wear, styling your staff in the appropriate fashion to reflect your brand identity. offers a variety of services ranging from graduate initiation programmes, to running incentive packages for both your clients and employees, to holding presentations within your company on style and colour in the workforce

Case Studies

Camilla at took out a group of five from a financial institution (men and women) who were interested in enhancing their present image by learning more about different styles and the latest trends in fashion. This worked both as a confidence and morale booster as well as a team builder." presented to a group of men and women from a successful PR company on what to wear and what not to wear in the work place, as suits were not a necessity. gave personal style advice on how to dress for client meetings in an interesting yet professional manner."

Client Entertainment organizes corporate evenings in a large variety of stores and boutiques. Relax after a hard days work; viewing and trying on next seasons’ collections over a glass of champagne!

Case Study organized a Style and Colour evening for Barclays Capital at Reiss in Canary Wharf. Over a glass of wine and canapés, busy men and women were able to take a break and view the new Autumn/Winter collection.


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