Q: Is the demand for a personal style/shopping service increasing?

A: We believe it is. More and more women have less time to shop due to work and family commitments. Luxury personal services are becoming increasingly popular with concierge, wedding planners and travel companies. Men and women want a calm and hassle free experience, and in Y.shop’s case, with a fantastic wardrobe as a result!

Q: What kind of woman is using Y.shop’s services?

A: Everyone! Wealthy women who have lost confidence in their body shape, and not so wealthy women who feel the same! Cash rich/time poor executives, both men and women. Young mothers who have no time because of childcare.

Q: Are any of your clients looking for something to wear for a one-off event? If so what kind of one-off event (e.g. wedding, job interview, work-related evening function).

A: We have worked with clients for all these one-off events. Y.shop’s service is particularly popular with mothers of the bride or groom. We have clients wanting an outfit for either Henley, Ascot or maybe for the Ibiza opening parties! Diplomat wives needing glamorous evening gowns for State events.

Q: Do you have any clients who hire you to update their wardrobe every season?

A: Many of our clients want to shop three of four times a year. Those that don’t may only need us for a glamorous evening event. However they all know that we will help them at any time, even if it is just a phoned question or email!

Q: What sort of budgets do you work to?

A: It can be anything from £500 to £25,000 in a day but I have taken out men who only want a couple of shirts!

Q: Do you have a particular forté or specialist area - e.g. career wear?

A: We try to stop women wearing too much black by introducing more interesting outfits for corporate jobs rather than a navy or black suit. But generally, no matter what size or shape, we will find a style or wardrobe for our clients.

Q: What’s the actual process if someone employs you?

A: The shopping process begins with a consultation either at someone’s home or office. We like to see a client a couple of weeks before the shop so we can first carry out a full wardrobe overhaul and then if required a colour consultation before the shop. We also need time to research the stores and boutiques to find what clothes are best for them. The consultation is a time for discussion of their likes, dislikes, styles, worries, needs etc.

Personal shop - During the shopping trip we will find our clients a variety of outfits for the particular season or occasion for which we are shopping. Together we will discover clothes that are right for their shape, size and colouring. We will shop within their budget and in an area that caters for their needs. Either we will book a Personal Shopping suite at one of the department stores or we will try to introduce them to different shops or boutiques that maybe they have not yet visited.

Wardrobe Consultation - On top of the Personal Shopping service we offer them a complete wardrobe consultation, this takes around 2 hours and involves taking their wardrobe completely apart and then advising them which pieces should go together to form a selection of core outfits, including the right accessories, shoes etc. Clients can also receive a polaroid photo album containing pictures of weekend outfits, work outfits, evening outfits, so as to make it easier to dress for all occasions. This means men and women will know which shoes, necklace, jumper, shirt, jacket, skirt go well together and which pairs of trousers can be co-ordinated within that selection to produce a different outfit.

Colour Consultation - We offer a colour analysis for an individual or up to 10 people. A colour analysis shows the clients how to understand colour by identifying shades which work with their skin, hair and eye tone. Although we can all wear every colour, it is all about getting the shades right! This consultation will help the clients find out how to mix and match colours that will result in a more co-ordinated wardrobe.

Q: When you go through people’s wardrobes how do you decide what works and what doesn’t?

A: Firstly, we look to see if the size, shape and colouring are correct. All clothes must be a good fit; we will encourage the client to try on anything we think will not suit his/her shape so as to show them what is not working.

We look at what doesn’t work, worn and weary clothes that have been in the wardrobe for over two years and not seen the light of day! An apt example was 15 pairs of brown trousers and 10 white shirts, half of which had turned off white in the wash. We aim to make sure a client has the basics and that each season the basics are updated. Two great-fitting pairs of trousers are better than fifteen ok-ish fitting pairs!? A good coat, blazer and suit can be vital basics too.

Q: What are your best tips for a successful evening wardrobe?

A: Slinky black dress that can, with different accessories, look like a completely different outfit. Something metallic, a gold or silver belt or a bolero. A spot of glamour with something fur or faux fur. Add a touch of sparkle with sexy back-breaking heels that cost the earth!